Hey there, we are so pleased that you are here, and that you are considering gifting one of our amazing boxes to a loved one (including yourself or your furry friends!).

Do Good Box was created by a bunch of regular folks, on a mission to support brands that persevere through regulations, obstacles and market pressures to manufacture products in the USA. 

As we are all a bit obsessed with gifting subscription boxes of all kinds, we thought “Why not set up our own subscription gift box service?”

By offering products that are exclusively produced in the USA, we are able to deliver the best American-made quality, while at the same time supporting the hard work and original craft of our fellow countrymen and women.

And that’s how Do Good Box was born! 

We are constantly on the hunt for fun, sustainable, and inspiring ideas for new boxes and product types – keep checking back as we are adding new items to our catalog often!

Want to delve a bit deeper into why it’s so important to buy and support American-made items?